Do you offer your content in any other languages?

Yes, we provide two language options i.e, English and Hindi.

Is there a course for beginners?

The Elite membership includes all the basics of stock market and hence beginners can take up this membership.

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept Net Banking , Debit card , UPI , Wallets

Do you Offer One on One Training?

Yes, The Personal Training Program provides a one on one/seminar training.

How much money can i make as a beginner?

This depends on your investment, learning and practical implementation of our strategies. This holds true, irrespective of which tier membership you take. Our members generate upwards of 10% on an average per good Trade.

Do you offer Tips / Calls / Signals ?

No, We do not offer Tips / Calls / Signals We do not encourage such ideals as it is key for every Trader to learn and analyse and master the skill set and become self sufficient.

Does Money Ball Trading have a support system for more info?

Yes, We have a 24/7, 365 days Excecutive committed to answer your questions . You can email us at - or call / whatsapp us on - 9606777130 for any queries.

Can i discontinue my training at any time?

Yes you can dicontinue the course if you wish to but we will not provide you with a refund.

How frequent are the live webinars?

The courses offered are conducted through an online webinar platform and the sessions are scheduled twice a week.

Are the live webinars recorded?

No, to save our content from piracy we do not record the live webinar sessions. However, if you cannot attend a live session for any valid reason , we will reschedule that session for you provided you inform the Trainer 1 day prior.

Will i be notified before the weekly live webinars?

Yes, we will send you a reminder through E-mail and Whatsapp.



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